Artist Statement



I have always been an intuitive mark maker and colorist. Drawn to nature, I continually return to the landscape as subject for my paintings. I cannot deny the strong influence of Impressionism in both my landscapes and ethereal abstract expressions. Rather than depict a literal interpretation of what I see, I am more interested in exploring an inward journey and how it relates to the landscape as I know it.

My medium is acrylic. With a variety of tools - brushes and scrapers and my hands, I spontaneously move the paint around leading and losing my subject on an energetic and mysterious journey. My destination is unknown with each mark informing the next. I love color but limit my palette so that discoveries can be made. I strive to create an atmospheric expression of my feelings as evoked by my being in a special place and time. This ethereal quality provides a calming mediative mood to balance the energy of my vibrant mark making. I find a healing energy of sorts in this process as I explore my connection to the earth. And it is this healing energy I hope to pay forward to my viewers.